The Seaview Wharf and its pipeline are integral to the fuel supply for both Wellingtonians and the rest of the lower North Island.

Upgrades to the wharf and the pipeline are necessary to ensure that they are as resilient as possible during an event such as an earthquake and to ensure it is future fit.

CentrePort is working with Z Energy on behalf of the fuel industry to future-proof this critical asset in three stages over the next three-five years.

Latest updates

February 2024

Construction has commenced on 170m of new pipeline between the former rail crossing on Seaview Road and the Z Seaview fuel storage terminal. Read our project updates or subscribe to our newsletter



The Seaview Energy Resilience Project will take place in three stages. Community engagement will take place throughout each stage and we welcome community feedback.

Stage 1

2021 - 2022

Replacement of this section of the wharfline (fuel pipeline) has been completed. This work was focused on replacing the wharfline between Point Howard (Ngāmatau) and a valve station on the corner of Port Road and Seaview Road.

Stage 2

2022 - 2025
In progress

Due to its age and damage suffered in the 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake, Seaview Wharf needs major upgrade and repair to ensure it is as resilient as possible and meets international standards for ship berthing and bulk fuel discharge. Upgrade work will be done is sections to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply.

Stage 3

2023 - 2026
In progress

Replacement of sections of the wharfline between the valve station on the corner of Port Road and Seaview Road through to the various fuel storage terminals within the Seaview industrial area. The work will be undertaken in two parts, with the first part already underway along Seaview Road, with an anticipated completion date of June 2024. The second, more substantial work is scheduled to commence late 2024, with detailed design currently underway to finalise the route for this section.

Taking care of the environment

The local natural environment and its special inhabitants are really important to us, as is your safety and comfort.

We are focused on our works being safe and to the highest environmental standards.

For example, we've put in place a plan for monitoring movement of Little Blue Penguins in the area and we've worked with the Department of Conservation and volunteers from the Eastern Bays Little Penguin program, the Days Bay MENZ Shed and some awesome local kids building 36 nesting boxes to help support Little Blue Penguin nesting and breeding in the area.

We realise that works of this nature also impact the environment of the residents in the area beyond our sea based friends. We are committed to minimising potential impacts as much as possible including noise and activities that may create dust or soil disturbance. Our programme of work includes a focus on working and engaging with local community groups so that they, and the people they represent, are aware of the progress and that we can understand and listen to any concerns that may arise.

Contact us

We are committed to having the community and natural environment front and centre throughout this project.

During Stage 2, if you have any questions or concerns about how works at the port could impact you, please get in touch with CentrePort by phone at 04 495 3800. For all other enquiries, email our team at

During Stage 3, if you have any concerns about traffic safety or site management, please get in touch with our contractor, Energyworks by phone at 06 755 9236. For all other enquiries, please email our team at

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